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"I would characterize the event (Executive Summit) as the best one week learning experience of my life. Congratulations on organizing a very relevant seminar for leaders of residential building companies. I look forward to attending other Lee Evans Group seminars in the future!"

"I just completed my first Executive Summit - a one week long class with over 40 hours of high quality speakers and workshops. This has been the most excellent week of learning I have personally experienced. More exciting though is that in the last six years we have grown in size by over 400% and now have profits exceeding both local and national home building companies. The Lee Evans Group has clearly been our partner in success over the years!!"

"I must congratulate you for putting on an exceptional seminar (the Executive Summit), which I must admit was beyond my expectations."

"I have had time to reflect on my experience in Vail and with the Executive Summit conducted by yourself and Emma. I felt the experience was gratifying and worthwhile for me in many ways.  I feel that I learned so much in the week in Vail.....much of which I hope to "execute" in the months ahead.  I was impressed by the "down to earth" attitude of the CEOs of the companies and their ability to appreciate the others in the group.  I especially want to thank you and Emma for your professionalism in heading this seminar......your organizational skills, your people skills and your skills at making everyone's week a comfortable week were impressive to me, and I will remember it for years to come.

Thank you for a great week in Vail."

"First of all I retired at the end of 2004. Prior to that I was the founding partner of Harcrest Homes. I sold my shares to my partner Mike Smith and he has not only upheld the traditions of the company but improved it.

I first started attending the Lee Evans seminar in 1988 and I first heard Chuck Shinn speak in the early 1990's. I've missed maybe 2 seminars since.  His message is always clear and practical and always in simple and understandable language. The Executive Summit speakers speak and teach in similar fashion to Chuck.

The main benefits we've gotten are organization, cost controls and quality controls. There's always several ideas that we can take back. Actually more than we can implement but over the years we've continued to grind it out and become a pretty good company doing a lot things right. I continue to go because homebuilding has always been in my blood. It's my hobby and my passion. And the skiing ain't bad."